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Johnny Concrete, Inc.
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London Cobble
A staggered pattern of cobblestone with smooth joints and rounded edges
Cheshire Cobbler
Grand Ashler
Johnny Concrete, Inc. Stamped Concrete and Colors
Stamped Concrete is the answer if you want a tough material with the look of wood, slate, stone, tile or brick.

Check out our Photo Gallery of patios, driveways, sidewalks and porches.

We are also very creative when it comes to stamped concrete!
A traditional cobbler pattern with smooth, ungrouted joints
Stones of various shapes and sizes laid in a pattern,  with a slate texture
Random Stone
Heavily textured random fieldstones
Ashler Slate
Roman Slate Texture
A naturally laminated stone texture split along parallel planes.  Hand tooled to create a more pronounced fragmented texture with small deep joints
A cedar wood texture with coarse, pronouncing grain and a rough surface appearance that incorporates oversized nail heads at each end
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Herringbone Used Brick
A weather worn brick surface with an uneven texture and rounded broken edges
New Brick Border
A border of new bricks laid side-by-side
A slate stone surface that utilize dips, ridges and veins to create a continously changing texture across the entire surface